Why not support Angelina by giving whatever you can


Angelina's Story

Angelina is a mother of three young children. She attended the parenting program and some other classes last spring and was excited to complete the full set of classes this year. Angelina struggles with severe social anxiety, which has made it difficult for her to go after her goals. She took college classes as a high school student and excelled at reading and writing, but her anxiety issues led her to stop going. She is hoping Reason to Give will help her get past her set-backs and move forward. 

Angelina's Goals

Angelina's ultimate goal is to finish her GED and earn her degree in journalism.  She wants to be more outgoing, learn to network, and become a better parent and provider for her children. She considers Reason to Give classes "exposure therapy" and has already come a long way since joining our program. 

How You Can Help

By giving to Angelina, you will help Reason to Give get her on track to attend college and follow her love of writing down a successful career path.