Why not support Benelisa by giving whatever you can

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Benelisa's Story

Benelisa is a single mom of two girls. She originally joined Reason to Give for our parenting program. It is not easy raising a daughter who is bi-polar and must be home schooled and starting again with a little one years later, all while trying to run a business. She also attended our healthy living program which fostered her family's love of cooking. Benelisa has a degree in Culinary Arts and 25 years of experience as a chef. Benelisa is excited about the next 5 months with Reason to Give; she plans to learn a lot from both the classes and her fellow students. 

Benelisa's Goals

Benelisa has very ambitious professional goals. She is currently co-partner and food developer at "Taste of Teff." Her goal is to take on a larger role there and do more of the management and budgeting side of the business. She is also seeking an administrative job to help ease the financial burden on her family and to be able to save for her dream. Eventually, she would like to open her own bakery with her daughters. Currently they run a small online business called Cake Bit's Cupcakes, but she'd love to one day have a storefront and turn it into something bigger.  Benelisa is smart, talented, and hard-working. All she needs from us is the entrepreneur tools and a supportive environment to help her flourish. 

How You Can Help

By supporting Benelisa, you will help her gain the resources to advance her professional career and get the ball rolling on her own bakery.