Why not support Cynthia by giving whatever you can


Cynthia's Story

Cynthia is a proud wife, mother, and grandmother. Her and her husband are licensed foster parents and adopted their youngest son. She recently underwent gastric bypass surgery and now works very hard to eat right and exercise, but the arthritis in her knees sometimes makes it difficult. Her oldest daughter and three grandchildren were forced to relocate back to Chicago from Houston after the hurricane and are currently living with her. Cynthia was involved with Reason to Give many years ago as a member of Women Living with Hope, a community group that Reason to Give helped support. She really enjoys helping others and spending time with children. Cynthia joined Reason to Give to help her go back to school and find a career. 

Cynthia's Goals

Cynthia is hoping Reason to Give will give her the confidence and resources to become her own advocate and finally start focusing on herself and her own accomplishments. Now that her children are grown-up and have their own adult lives, Cynthia is ready to go after her goals. She wants to get her GED and then go to college. Cynthia isn't sure what she wants to go to school for yet, but she is very excited about learning what options are out there. She is hoping to learn a lot in this program.

How You Can Help

By helping Cynthia, you will help Reason to Give guide her through the steps she needs to take to accomplish her life goals.