Why not support Emilie by giving whatever you can

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Emilie's Story

Emilie is a single mother of four children ranging in age for 5 to 32, and a grandmother to one baby girl. Her two oldest children both suffer from mental and developmental handicaps. Her two youngest have been diagnosed with emotional and behavioral disorders. Emilie has spent much of her life trying to cope with having children with disabilities, while still trying to be a strong and positive rolemodel for her family. She is a CNA and holds a certificate in Medical Billing. For years, she has woked as a CNA and Spanish interpreter in Chicago hospitals. Emilie hopes that through Reason to Give she will learn to be a better parent and provider for her family.  

Emilie's Goals

Emilie's ultimate goal is to become an advocate for those in her community that lack a voice. She wants to keep senoir citizens from being taken advantage of, help immigrants who may need translation services, and serve the community in general who need help understanding their own rights, available services, and healthcare options. She has spent most of her life being an advocate for her own family, and now she wants to turn this experience into a career. Emilie needs a little help getting started, but she is determined to follow through on her dream. 

How You Can Help

By supporting Emilie, you will help Reason to Give provide the professional and life skills she needs to become an advocate and help people in her community.