Why not support Judy and Arturo by giving whatever you can


Judy and Arturo's Story

Judy and Arturo are married, in their mid-thirties, and raising seven children. They had a nice life together, Judy was a stay at home mom and Arturo made a good living as an electrician. Then it seemed like everything hit at once. Their home they rented flooded, and they lost everything they own. Arturo was laid off. They found themselves homeless, with no money and no possessions, and having to send their children to live with Arturo's family while they got back on their feet. Judy and Arturo joined Reason to Give together because they know as long as they struggle together and grow together there is nothing they can't handle. 

Judy and Arturo's Goals

Judy and Arturo's goals are to get back to the life they had before tragedy struck, and then do even more. They want a nice home for their family, steady income, and the financial freedom to take a vacation. Just two weeks after joining Reason to Give, Arturo got a job in his trade. Judy is hoping to reenter the workforce after being a stay at home mom for many years. Together they are focused on bettering themselves any way they can. 

How You Can Help

By supporting Judy and Arturo you will help Reason to Give get them back on their feet. They lost everything and are forced to start over.