Why not support Linda and Maria by giving whatever you can

Linda and Maria's Story

Linda is a loving mother and grandmother. Maria is her mother. They are both from El Salvador. They joined Reason to Give together because they are working together on common goals. Both women love working with children. They both want to lead healthier lifestyles and be good role models for their children and grandchildren living in their home. Linda is hoping Reason to Give will give them the discipline and encouragement to pursue their dreams. 

My Goals

Linda, with the help of her mother, wants to start her own daycare center. They first have to remodel their basement to make it a suitable place for children. Their ultimate goal is to open multiple daycare facilities across Chicago. To start, however, Linda wants to get her CPR and First Aid Certifications, apply for her daycare permit, and gain business management and computer skills. They are very excited about the connections and opportunities Reason to Give will open up for them. 

How You Can Help

Support Linda and Maria in their noble venture of starting a daycare facility and passing on their own high morals and abundance of love to those who need it most.