Why not support Michelle by giving whatever you can

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Michelle's Story

Michelle is a single mom of three. She currently works at a nursing home as a transportation aid. In the past, she has worked in retail and home care. She also enjoys cooking and watching cooking shows. Michelle joined Reason to Give to boost her self confidence and work towards providing a better future for her kids. 

Michelle's Goals

Michelle wants to find a better career so that she doesn't have to struggle financially. She thinks she wants to stay in the medical field, but is also open to new ideas. Michelle hopes to improve her computer skills so that she can feel confident applying to jobs that interest her. Her biggest obstacle is fear of failure. She's counting on Reason to Give to provide her with the positive environment and tangible skills that will help her overcome this. Michelle just wants what every mom wants, to provide a good life for her kids, with a nice home and family vacations and without the stress of financial burden. 

How You Can Help

Give to Michelle, and help Reason to Give improve her professional life and financial status.