Why not support Natalie by giving whatever you can

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Natalie's Story

Natalie spends her days taking care of her five girls, who range in age from 2 to 15. Her daughters attend a CPS virtual school, and Natalie is their learning coach. She is also a very talented artist and spends her free time painting, drawing, sculpting, and anything else artistic she can get into. She joined Reason to Give to get healthier, manage her finances, and get a career she loves. 

Natalie's Goals

Natalie's dream career would be an art teacher, tying together her passion for art and her love of children. She also has an interest in becoming an EMT, as her family has always told her she should go into the medical field. She says it would be great if this program led to a job, but she most importantly right now she wants to learn money management and how to eat healthier and exercise.

How You Can Help

Give to Natalie and help Reason to Give provide her with the tools and guidance she needs to boost both her savings and her confidence!