Why not support Rene by giving whatever you can


Rene's Story

Rene is married with three children. This is his second time going through the Reason to Give program. He feels like he has overcome some of his own obstacles and is now ready to learn more and work on his own personal growth. Rene has had to rise above a lot in life. He is bi-polar and suffers from manic depression. Rene has trouble finding a job that will both pay enough to support his family and provide insurance coverage for his medications. He did attend college for two years for physical therapy, but didn't finish because he couldn't pay for his medicine and the disease took over. Rene joined Reason to Give to help him be a better father and husband.

Rene's Goals

Rene would love to find a job that offered a living wage and benefits. He is also interested in purchasing a truck to start his own small scrapping business. Above all, Rene wants to feel like he is being the best role model and provider that he can for his wife and children.

How You Can Help

By supporting Rene, you will help Reason to Give provide him with the tools and resources he needs to care for his family.