Help Maria go back to school for her nursing degree

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Maria's Journey

Maria joined Reason to Give for the second time because she felt she had just only just begun to scratch the surface of her potential. She's always known she wanted to do more with her life. She wanted to be more than just the amazing mother, daughter, sister, and wife that she is. She just needed a little clarity and a lot of confidence. Going through this intense program again helped Maria to better manage her personal life so she could begin to focus on her professional life. She knows now that she wants to go back to school and has aspirations of starting her own business. 

Maria's Success

Maria's goals have become more clear to her after going through Reason to Give a second time. She is now ready to return to school and finish her undergraduate degree in nursing. She is also excited to pursue her entrepreneurial goal of starting a business making and selling affordable plus-sized jewelry. Much of what has been holding Maria back from pursuing her dreams have been personal issues and a lack of self-confidence. This year Maria was able to focus on herself, get her goals in order, and understand the importance of her own success and its effect on her family. 

How You Helped

By supporting Maria, you helped us provide her with the education and network she needs to pursue her goals. You also helped us supply her with a laptop which is imperative to her success when she returns to school.