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Denise's Journey

Denise came to Reason to Give with a lot of talent but lacking the tools to turn her hobby into income. Denise was devoting the majority of her free time to caring for her grandchildren and was leaving very little for herself. Denise fully immersed herself in the program, showing up every week homework in hand, ready to learn. Over the last 5 months, Denise has transitioned from stay at home grandmother to entrepreneur. She has also worked hard to start living a healthier lifestyle and tries to get her family to follow suit. 

Denise's Success

Denise brought her jewelry to Reason to Give on graduation day, a true test of her sales skills. She completed the program armed with an elevator pitch and a business plan, a large network of supporters, and the knowledge that she can start her own business, and she can write her own success story. 

How You Helped

By supporting Reason to Give, you helped us provide Denise with a laptop to facilitate her online jewelry sales and a wealth of tools and resources to help her take her business to the next level.