Thanks to the amazing artists that donated their talents to Reason to Give this fall and all of you who came in support, Reason to Give's first gallery opening, New Life for Old Classics was a huge success. Check out the video below!

We have now raise $1280 to help support the Lafayette Elementary School Orchestra!  We're not done though, and will continue to raise the funds until we meet our goal of $5000! The artwork will be available for sale at Barista Coffee House through the end of November, so please come out and show your support!  Or make a donation online to save the music program!

You can view the gallery on our Flickr page. And if you'd like to order online, email

Everyone who makes a donation to the art show will also receive a Lafayette Orchestra CD, so you can hear exactly what your money is going to support. They are a talented and motivated group of young musicians and the Merit Music program is essential to their future success in high school and life.