At the 3rd annual Camp Firebelly, 10 passionate and energetic young designers teamed up with Mike Fretto and Rosa Loves to raise money for three Reason to Give families. Campers were given the opportunity to meet with each of the families, hear their stories, and ask questions to better understand the Humboldt Park community.

Inspired by their encounters, each camper designed and screen printed a t-shirt that represented one of our families. Check back as these limited edition shirts will be on sale soon through the Firebelly Design store

On the last night of camp, Firebelly hosted a gallery show and fundraiser for Reason to Give. Campers were forced to test their networking and fundraising skills on Chicago-area designers and past campers. The night was a success, and thanks to all the hard work of Firebelly Campers and Mike Fretto, not to mention the generosity of our guests, t-shirt sales pulled in over $450 for Reason to Give families.

Camp Firebelly was once again an enlightening experience for all those involved, and we appreciate all the sleepless nights that benefited Reason to Give. Camper Ben Wagner summed it up best. "Overall, Camp Firebelly was a fantastic experience. I don’t think I’ve ever accomplished so much in 10 days...It has been inspiring to design for a good cause, and to see how we can use our unique talents to make a difference."