Why not support Reason to Give Youth by giving whatever you can

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Many thanks to Engaged Health Solutions for being our official Live and Learn Youth Sponsor for 2014. 

Reason to Give has been successfully running an adult education program since 2010. We have always offered free childcare during the adult workshops. In 2012, we've decided to go one step further and facilitate youth workshops as part of our programming. While parents are attending the workshops to obtain real life skills, youth are invited to participate in the Youth Live and Learn Workshop Series.  

The purpose of our youth program is to encourage self-exploration and address topics such as communication, conflict resolution, health and wellness, education, and self-esteem. At its core, the youth workshop attempts to promote healthy social and emotional development, which ultimately provides a foundation for increased academic success, healthy relationships, and community participation.

Reason to Give recognizes that our at risk youth face many obstacles both in school and at home. Gangs, drugs, violence, and sub par educational experiences are a reality that many of them face on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most of our parents are single mothers, working and/or going to school, and struggling just to put food on the table. Schools are often over crowded and underfunded.  In other words, youth aren't always getting the positive attention and good influence that they deserve.

That's why we are stepping up to do our part in the community, hoping that at the very least, we can offer them another outlet to discuss real life issues and learn from positive role models.  Reason to Give is committed to a multifaceted approach to helping our families, by offering both material necessities, resources, and applicable skills to both parents and their children.