Help Michelle get her youth girls' leadership program running

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Michelle's RTG Story

Michelle started Reason to Give with a lot of ideas and great potential. She was working part time in the non-profit sector and had the initial plans for her own non-profit. She was also in the beginning stages of starting a shoe selling business. Michelle had already completed her bachelor’s degree and was focused on finding gainful employment, becoming financially stable, and pursuing her dreams. Michelle took advantage of the network and resources provided to her through Reason to Give. She found the classes focused on unemployment and entrepreneurship especially helpful. Michelle is looking forward to being a peer mentor for incoming Reason to Give students next term.  

Michelle's Success Story

Since starting Reason to Give, Michelle is now working full time. She has begun recruiting for her non-profit youth girls' leadership program and plans to use the Reason to Give facilities for their initial sessions. Michelle has also decided to ramp up her shoe business and expand into other areas of fashion while working to increase marketing. She plans to take some business courses at the community college. 

How You Helped

The dedication of the volunteer facilitators allowed Michelle to learn so much over the past 5 months. She feels that she is now prepared to take her ideas and projects to the next level.